How to Infuse Intimacy into Your Relationship?

With the increasing work stress day by day, it is imperative that you don’t let it mess up your love life. It is necessary that you give proper time to your partner as well. With the purpose of saving and adding more intimacy to your love life, shares with you the following essential love life tips:

Cook for Your Partner

We often see that most women are found in the kitchen, cooking for the entire family. Have you ever imagined what a turn on it will be if a man cooks for his woman? If you haven’t, then you should have a shot at it. When you cook for your woman, it reflects that you not only love her but also respect her and appreciate her efforts that she makes to manage the house in a good manner. It reflects your care for her.

Surprise with Dinner Date

If you have already decided to cook for your partner, then why not have some private time during dinner? Going out for dinner date is a lost trend. Cooking at home and then surprising your partner with a candle light dinner around the serene corner of your home will trigger a sudden gush of love in you and you will be in each other’s arms before you even start the dinner. How is that for some intimate moments before you even taste your food?

Gift Your Partner Exotic Wear

Not many men and women shop for their partner when it comes to buying innerwear which is wrong. We all have hidden and sensual fantasies that we want to see our partner in certain sexy and arousing clothes during your private time. For this, you should gift your partner exotic innerwear that turn on the lover in you the moment you spare them a look in those clothes and the very next moment, you are moaning and cuddling each other.

Get Cozy in Car

This may sound a bit crazy to you, but it adds both fun and intimacy. When you and your partner sitting in a car, you start teasing them by touching them in the right places. They can’t run away because there is a very little place to move and the car is closed. Play with your partner the way you want. They will give in to your advances.

Since there is limited space in the car, it keeps you probably the closest as you long as you are in there with the sole purpose of missing no chance to love your partner. Most of the times, such unusual ways can do magic.

Give Massage to Each Other

You and your partner both get tired after working the whole day and you both deserve a good massage to get rid of the tiredness and laziness. For this, give massage to each other. Start from massaging shoulders and back and move to the area you prefer the most. It will not only freshen you up, but will also prepare you for the good night ahead.